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Caribbean Sunshine and Killer Bees

Posted on August 04, 2015

St. Kitts Nevis Killer BeeMonkeys, Lobster and Killer Bee cocktails are all part of an ideal Caribbean getaway to the two-island country called the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Part of the Leeward Islands in the West Indies, the country packs in plenty of adventure, relaxation and culinary riches.

More than just a beach destination, this is a place of rebirth and new beginnings. Formerly a British colony, the sister islands of St. Kitts and Nevis declared their independence Sept. 19, 1983. At the time, the country changed the name of the massive volcano on the western side St. Kitts from Mount Misery to the more alluring Mount Liamuiga (meaning “fertile land”).

And Pall Mall Square, the commercial and administrative center of St. Kitts, located in the country’s capital of Basseterre — and once the location of a slave market — became Independence Square. Even the island itself has two names: the formal name is St. Christopher Island, though it’s widely known as St. Kitts.

Visitors can get a firsthand peek into Kittitian history at Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park ( These defensive fortifications were built by African slaves and used to protect British forces during the 18th century before they abandoned it in 1853. Now protected and designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, Brimstone is open for visits every day except Christmas and Good Friday.

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