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Robert Durst's Creepy DVD Commentary

Posted on April 01, 2015

Robert Durst All Good ThingsRobert Durst was a fan of director Andrew Jarecki’s 2010 telling of his life and alleged crimes, All Good Things — and not just because Ryan Gosling played the suspected serial murderer. As The Jinx made clear, the even-handed telling of the tale based on verified facts and Jarecki’s research drew Durst to the director in the first place, and was a major reason he agreed to be interviewed by Jarecki after years of avoiding the press. But The Jinx wasn’t the only Jarecki project for which he offered his assistance. During the same period, Durst actually joined the director for a viewing of All Good Things, recording commentary for the film’s DVD, released in March 2011. The two banter back and forth as they watch the slightly fictionalized depiction of Durst’s stormy relationship with his wife Kathie (played by Kirsten Dunst), her disappearance, and the murders of his friends Susan Berman and Morris Black.

Though listening to the commentary doesn’t capture Durst’s oil-pool eyes and full-body blinks that made him such a creepy presence in The Jinx, his audio is still plenty spooky. Probably the weirdest thing about the commentary is how much Durst endorses Jarecki’s portrayal of him — whether yanking his wife from a party by the hair or dismembering his buddy — and how little emotion he displays as he agrees that, “This is more or less accurate.” Though the conversation tends to go quiet when an actual murder is committed onscreen, there is one moment where Durst loudly protests: when the film implies he killed the family dog.

There’s no “killed them all, of course” line, but the DVD commentary offers some odd insight into Durst’s view of himself and his actions, and in light of his admission in The Jinx’s finale, takes on a new level of menace. Here are a few of the creepiest exchanges, and a couple darkly funny ones.

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